At DDAO, our hallmark is using domain-driven decision making to effect near-term change

The challenge facing teams of all sizes is how to deliver meaningful change in a continually evolving environment. DDAO’s expertise is aiding leaders at all levels paint a vision, define a roadmap, build alliances, and ignite the change they wish to see in the organization, technology, or process.

We leverage SAFe Agile methodologies, combined with advanced analytics, business process modeling and future-state modeling to identify value streams and reprioritize efforts according to business impact and highest costs of delay.

Our project managers, architects, and engineers are available to help deliver on the developed vision, in a direct or advisory capacity.

We service Federal, Local government, and Commercial clients, delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of each

All organizations face similar challenges. The nuisance comes from scale, decision making, resource limitations, domain focus, and people. Our domain experts have spent years learning and implementing the procurement procedures, delivery frameworks and transformation techniques within their subject domains. This experience enables our staff to rapidly assess each unique situation and identify quick-hits to provided value to the organization from the get go. We then work closely with your staff to align vision and roadmap to meet your long term objectives.

Combining our strategic consulting with our staff augmentation services, DDAO has a proven track record of successful multi-year IT and Organizational transformations. We’ve helped commercial organizations consolidate corporate IT systems across 30 commercial acquisitions; Federal organizations realign around critical mission areas spanning thousands of employees; state organizations assess performance factors across the entire school system; and non-profits optimize membership services spanning multiple geographic regions.

Change takes time. Implementing change is an evolutionary process requiring strong vision, holistic strategy, and tactical actions with incremental progress. At DDAO we work with you to truly understand your business domain, provide support in key areas based on your needs, and use your goals to create a roadmap for change.

We help our clients grow faster, deliver more value per dollar and comply with internal and external guidelines through our service offerings.

Solutions Architecture and Engineering Services:
– SAFe / Agile Product/Portfolio Management
– Enterprise Solutions Architecture
– Business Process Assessment, Evaluation and Re-Engineering
– DevSecOps Engineering
– IT Governance and KPI Development

Strategic Consulting Services:
– Strategic Organizational Alignment
– Business Case Creation and Evaluation
– ROI Projections and Gap Analysis
– IT Benchmarking

Domain Expert Services
– Cyber Security
– Human Resources
– Governance, Risk and Compliance
– Federal Acquisitions

Our teams are diverse, cohesive instruments of value delivery

We believe that diverse opinions and experiences lead to unique ways of solving customer problems and challenges. Across our teams and our organization, everyone is given a voice and encouraged to strive to deliver the best for our clients. We owe our success to talented individuals, combined into cohesive teams, pushing each other to deliver tangible value to our customers.

If this sounds exciting to you, why not come join us?