At DDAO, our hallmark is using data-driven decision making to effect near-term change

The challenge facing teams of all sizes is how to deliver meaningful change in a continually evolving environment. DDAO’s expertise is aiding managers of all seniorities create, manage, evolve and deliver on their roadmaps.

We leverage SAFe Agile methodologies, combined with advanced analytics, game theory and future-state modeling to identify value streams and reprioritize efforts according to business impact and highest costs of delay.

Our project managers are available to help deliver on the developed vision, in a direct or advisory capacity.

We service Federal, Local and Commercial clients, delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of each

Government, federal or local, and corporations face very similar problems which need to be solved in very different ways. Our senior project leaders have spent years navigating the procurement procedures, delivery frameworks and executive sign-offs to enable us to staff rapidly and deliver quick-hits in months, not years, providing value to the organization from the get go.

A track record of successful multi-year IT transformations, from replacing a trading platform at an investment bank to changing the way a Federal entity handles procurement, demonstrate our long-term vision and delivery capabilities.

When change can’t wait, our 3 month engagements have identifying $50M of wasted IT spend at a larger insurer and the key operational roadblocks keeping a Federal agency from delivering on its mission.

In short, no matter the problem at hand, DDAO has the capability and expertise to deliver a solution which provides value to the organization in the near-term, not only at the end.

We help our clients grow faster, deliver more value per dollar and comply with internal and external guidelines through our service offerings.

Consulting and Implementation Assistance for:
– SAFe / Agile
– InfoSec
– Enterprise Architecture
– Project Management
– Business Process Assessment, Evaluation and Re-Engineering
– IT Governance and KPI Development

Financial and Strategic Consulting including:
– Business Case Creation and Evaluation
– ROI Projections and Delta Analysis
– IT Benchmarking
– IT Strategic Alignment

Our teams are diverse, cohesive instruments of value delivery

We believe that diverse opinions and experiences lead to unique ways of solving customer problems and challenges. Across our teams and our organization, everyone is given a voice and encouraged to strive to deliver the best for our clients. We owe our success to talented individuals, combined into cohesive teams, pushing each other to deliver tangible value to our customers.

If this sounds exciting to you, why not come join us?